How to Automate Lead Nurturing Content & Improve Conversions

Content Planning for Lead Nurturing

Creating content for each phase of the buyer’s journey will help potential customers move through the process with confidence. This is your opportunity to re-purpose the content you have on hand and build it into your lead-nurturing strategy. Additionally, you can look for credible sources of supporting information, like review websites or social media reviews that speak proudly of your business.

Content for the Awareness Phase

Prospects in the awareness phase have realized that they have a need or problem to be solved. As a business, you need to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes to understand the questions they’re likely to be asking themselves, so you can answer them with your content.

  • Blog posts that speak to general concerns that prospects have in this phase
  • eBooks or videos that delve deeper into typical questions. These can be based on market research gathered from past customers.

Content for the Consideration Phase

In this phase, prospects have identified their problem and have started researching ways to solve it. They may have read some of your content and even connected with you by signing up for email updates.

  • Webinars with a product or service focus
  • Case studies into previous buying journeys
  • Product reviews or demonstrations
  • Datasheets

Content for the Decision Phase

The decision phase is the final stage where your prospects will use all the information available to them to decide if they want to buy into your product or service. If there are any lingering concerns about price, service delivery, etc., this is where it will come up. It’s also the perfect time to present prospective clients with personalized offers.

  • A free trial of the product or service
  • A personalized consultation to help set prospective clients’ minds at ease
  • A live demonstration of what they can expect
  • An estimate of costs related to the work required
  • Client testimonials

Email Automation for Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing emails are less promotional and more informative as if they come directly from a representative who’s personally dealing with their account. This gives clients the kind of free insight they can use to make better decisions, even without the full package that your business offers.

  • Share content that’s valuable to the prospect’s needs, so you nurture your relationship with them.
  • Educate prospects about your brand and its services or products. Make sure you pace yourself, so they don’t feel like you are hard selling to them.
  • Personalize your workflows by segmenting the audience.

Final Words on Lead Nurturing

Creating content for each phase of the buyer’s journey helps potential customers move through the process effortlessly. Couple this with automation and you can nurture clients on autopilot; interacting with prospects easily and in real time.



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