Our Favourite Everlytic Features from 2018


Until 2018, drip campaigns were the best-in-class when it came to marketing automation. This is because they deliver pre-written messages at customisable intervals, triggered by things like subscription events, birthdays, and once-off start dates.

  • Workflow Conditions
  • Dynamic Anniversary Triggers
  • Smart Go-to Actions
  • Workflow Node Reports
  • The date subscribers entered the workflow
  • Total number of emails and / or SMSes sent and received in the workflow
  • The date subscribers completed the journey (if applicable)

The Builder

Our drag-and-drop builder is one of Everlytic’s core features. It allows you to build and design high-quality, engaging emails and landing pages in just a few minutes — no design or coding experience needed. Here are some of its top updates from 2018.

  • Dynamic Drop Zones
  • Rotating Banner Images
  • Calendar Invites



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