The 6 Steps of a Typical Online Conversion Funnel

Step 1: Attract Your Audience

This is where you catch your audience’s attention with an ad for your lead magnet. Where you target your audience will depend on where they are. It can include social media, forums, email, your website… even physical locations.

Step 2: Display Your Lead Magnet

This consists of a high-converting landing page (often referred to as a squeeze page) designed to intrigue the visitor to give you their contact details in exchange for something of low cost and high value (aka ‘bait’). Options here often include ebooks, webinars, product samples, videos, courses delivered as email sequences, case studies, or reports.

Send Offer Immediately via Email:

Once they’ve given you their information, send them what they asked for via a welcome email. In this email, focus on giving them value, over-delivering (where possible), and being clear on how they can receive your offer (either via a download or by whatever’s needed to deliver it). This is where you build trust, proving that you’re worthy of doing business with.

Step 3: Direct to an Upsell

Now that you have a lead who is interested in what you have to offer, direct them immediately to an upsell landing page. This should preferably be dominated by a video thanking them for opting into your lead magnet and explaining the value of the upsell.

Step 4: No Upsell? Try a Downsell.

This is where rung two of your Yes Ladder comes in and it’s here only for people who don’t take you up on the upsell. It’s still an upsell from the lead magnet, but it’s more affordable than the upsell you offered them before.

Step 5: Thanks & Back-End Offer

This page will thank customers for participating in what you have to offer. List everything they’ve agreed to purchase on this page, including any add-ons from the funnel, and provide a total amount payable.

Step 6: Thanks & Offer Wall

Once they’ve made payment via the payment gateway on step 5, share a final thank-you page, getting them excited about all the value they’re about to get from their transaction with you. Additionally, you can include an offer wall, where you share other lead magnets you have available. Your biggest fans will love getting more free or low-cost value from you.

Automated Email: An Essential Lead Nurturing Component

Your lead magnet is designed to capture a lead’s contact details. Why? Because once a contact’s opted in to one of your offers, you can send them other offers related to this one via email, to support them. Alternatively, if they abandon their cart on the upsell / downsell journey, you can remind them of the value they’ve left behind, encouraging them to return.



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